Information about coursework and involvement opportunities related to sustainability for undergraduate students at the Penn State Smeal College of Business.

The undergraduate academic experience at the Penn State Smeal College of Business offers many opportunities for students to engage in sustainability-related material as it relates to their understanding of the modern business world. The college offers a two-piece sequence in Business Sustainability as well as introductory and specialty courses in all majors. Students can also apply sustainability principles outside of the classroom through organizations such as Net Impact, which has an active undergraduate chapter at Smeal.

Two-Piece Sequence

The two-piece sequence at Smeal is designed to allow students to broaden their knowledge of a functional business area outside of their major by taking two or three courses within a designated area. Business Sustainability has recently been added to the list of designated two-piece sequence options at the college.


There are many opportunities for students interested in sustainable business practices in all majors to build their expertise. Examples of sustainability-related courses offered at Smeal include:

  • Socially Responsible, Sustainable, and Ethical Business Practice: Begins with the personal, organizational, national, and global dynamics in ethical decision-making and is followed by a "stakeholder" model for both domestic and international responsibility.
  • Strategies for Enterprise Sustainability: Examines the external and internal forces such as environmental groups, policy-makers, and consumers that impact business strategies to help students gain a better understanding of environmental issues that impact business operations.
  • Sustainability and International Business: Examines the global business environment in the context of sustainability, focusing on sustainable development strategies, and how corporations interact with nations to develop partnerships that support sustainable economic development.

View a listing of undergraduate sustainability-related courses available at Smeal.