Intern Program

An overview of the Center for the Business of Sustainability's Intern Program.

Our Purpose

Is to provide a paid experiential learning internship where students are charged with a project that relates to the Center’s mission: accelerate the integration of sustainability in business, while also engaging with other Center staff and interns in an intentionally developmental and collaborative environment.

Our Current Interns


Portrait of Amanda Dait.

Amanda Dait

Portrait of Angela Lam-Li.

Angela Lam-Li

Impact Careers

Portrait of Esther Lee.

Esther Lee

Our Need

There is a practical need: we have a small staff and are doing work in five programmatic areas so we greatly benefit from the work that students do with us. The projects that students work on help us meet our goals. Generous donors have provided funding for internships, in addition to University general funds that are allocated for this purpose.

Not only do interns help us meet our goals, but providing students with a valuable active learning experience is one of our goals. We value students’ ideas and work and find it imperative that as a part of students’ experience at Smeal, they should be given opportunities to work on sustainability topics that will help guide their future career interests and skills in sustainability-related topics.

Our Benefits

  • Experience working in an innovative and start-up environment
  • Exposure to sustainability concepts in business
  • Being a part of a bright and skilled team that is highly collaborative
  • Invitations to sustainability advisory board meetings and other sustainability events that offer exposure to topics and potential networking opportunities
  • Professional development topics
  • Community as part of an intern cohort

Our Expectation

  • Interns should take ownership of their projects and timeline
  • Communicate as often as needed with your supervisor
  • Submit hours in a timely fashion
  • Attend regular intern meetings
  • Collaborate where appropriate
  • Research best practices for the type of work you are doing
  • Actively identify areas where diversity and equity can be enhanced in your work area
  • Complete the intern wrap-up assignment and transition materials

Our Progam

  • The internship is offered to Penn State students for one or more semesters
  • Interns work 10 per week unless otherwise specified
  • The intern and their supervisor work together to define the scope and timeline of their projects
  • The intern and supervisor meet regularly to ensure support and guidance are given and progress is being made
  • Professional development opportunities are provided within and outside of regular intern meetings

Our Hope for Our Interns

Our hope is that you grow professionally and in your knowledge of sustainability in business, as well as meaningfully contribute to the Center and our mission. We want you to feel welcomed as a valued contributor to our team.

Openings are posted to Penn State Jobs before or during the start of each semester. Summer opportunities are sometimes offered. Contact Tracey Mariner at for details.