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Alumni Registration

Registered Smeal College of Business alumni use the SmealConnect system to search for and apply to targeted job opportunities and volunteer to provide advice to current Smeal students. Here’s how to register:

Visit https://smeal-psu-csm.symplicity.com/ (Recommended browser: Firefox)

Select Student/Alumni

Select Register

Provide Username: Your preferred e-mail

Provide Password: jobs4u

Provide required registration information, noting the following:

Student ID: Provide your former Penn State Student ID or nine zeroes—000000000
E-mail: Provide the same address as your SmealConnect Username
School Address: Do not complete
Degree Level: Select Alumni*
Class Level: Select Alumni*
Major: Select Alumni*

* Please note, the system provides multiple options for degree level, class level, and major, but please select Alumni only.

Receive E-mail Notification: Select Yes to join our newswire with information on new job postings, company bios, and searching tips.

Resume Book: Select No

Once you have completed your registration, please allow up to three business days for account approval.

Helpful hints once you log into the system:

  • Before you can apply for any positions, you must complete a full profile and upload your resume.
  • On the profile, GPA is mandatory. We cannot change this in the system. If you do not remember your GPA, then just put 0.
  • To get a filtered list of alumni-specific positions when searching through the job postings, select Alumni under Majors/Concentrations and Alumni Permanent under Position Type. Then hit search.