Distance Education

Distance Education in Insurance and Related Areas

One mission of the Risk Management Research Center is to be the hub for the development and implementation of state-of-the-art computer software for education and training in the insurance industry and associated areas. The following are examples of our modules.

Distant Education Courses for Actuarial and Insurance Students

The purposes of these interactive courses are:

  • To introduce students to principles
  • To help students visualize concepts, and
  • To provide an opportunity for students to test the sensitivity of relevant functions.

Our "AFS Mathematics of Finance" module, which coincides with the topics found in Kellison's Theory of Interest, is an example of one of our courses in this series. Accordingly, the module introduces the principles of mathematics of finance, it helps users visualize financial concepts, and it provides an opportunity for users to test the sensitivity of financial functions. An example of this software (Chapter 3) is available.

Guest Lecturer Series

Our "Guest Lecturer Series" is a series of interactive WWW and CD-ROM modules that focuses on topics in insurance and related areas. The goal of the series is to provide users everywhere with access to the lectures of internationally recognized authorities.

A representative module in this series is the lecture "Mathematical Paradigms in Insurance and Finance" by Hans Bühlmann.