Faculty and PhD Student Publications of the Department of Management and Organization

Student Publications

Many of our students publish their research papers in top management journals, often in collaboration with faculty. We list here a selection of student papers published since 2010 to provide a sense of the breadth and depth of the knowledge creation by doctoral students in our program.


  • Gray, B., Johnson, T., Kish-Gephart, J. & Tilton, J. 2018. Identity Work by First-Generation College Students to Counteract Class-Based Microaggressions, Organization Studies, 39(9): 1227–1250.

  • Gehman, J., Glaser, V.L., Eisenhardt, K.M., Gioia, D. Langley, A. & Corley, K. 2018. Finding Theory-Method Fit: A Comparison of Three Qualitative Approaches to Theory Building. Journal of Management Inquiry, 27: 284-300.
  • Dwivedi, P., Joshi, A., & Misangyi, V.F. 2018. Gender-Inclusive Gatekeeping: How (Mostly Male) Predecessors Influence the Success of Female CEOs. Academy of Management Journal, 61 (1): 1-26.

  • Gupta, A., Briscoe, F., & Hambrick, D.C. 2018. Evenhandedness in Resource Allocations: Its Relationship with CEO Ideology, Organizational Discretion, And Firm Performance. Academy of Management Journal, 61(5): 1848-1868.

  • Hambrick, D.C. & Crossland, C. 2018. A Strategy for Behavioral Strategy: Appraisal of Small, Midsize, and Large Tent Conceptions of this Embryonic Community. Advances in Strategic Management, 39: 23-39.

  • Gutpa, A., & Misangyi, V. F. 2018. Follow the Leader (or Not): The Influence of Peer CEOs’    Characteristics on Inter-Organizational Imitation. Strategic Management Journal, 39: 1437-1472.  


  • Chaterjee, A. & Pollock, T.G. 2017. (forthcoming) Master of Puppets:  How Narcissistic CEOs Construct Their Professional Worlds. Academy of Management Review.
  • Ferris, D.L., Chen, M., & Lim, S. 2017. Comparing and Contrasting Workplace Ostracism and Incivility. To appear in Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organization Behavior.


  • Ferris, D.L., Yan, M., Lim, V.K.G., Chen, Y., & Fatimah, S. An Approach/Avoidance Framework of Workplace Aggression. Academy of Management Journal, 59, 1777-1800.


  • Kreiner, G.E., Hollensbe, E.C., Sheep, M.L., Smith, B.R., & Kataria, N. 2015. Elasticity and the Dialectic Tensions of Organizational Identity: How Can We Hold Together While We're Pulling Apart? Academy of Management Journal, 58: 981-1011.
  • Bragaw, N.A. & Misangyi, V.F. 2015. The Value of CEO Mobility: Contextual Factors That Shape the Impact of Prior CEO Experience on Market Performance and CEO Compensation. Human Resource Management (available in advance online).
  • Spitzmuller, J., Sin, H.P., Howe, M., & Fatimah, S. 2015.  Investigating the Uniqueness and Usefulness of Proactive Personality Research in Organizational Research - A Meta-Analytic Review. Human Performance.

  • Briscoe, F. Gupta, A. & Anner, M. 2015. Social Activism and Practice Diffusion: How Activist Tactics Affect Non-Targeted Organizations. Administrative Science Quarterly.
  • Pollock, T.G., Lee, P.M., Jin, K. & Lashley, K. 2015. (UnTangled: Exploring the asymmetric co-evolution of VC firm reputation and status.Administrative Science Quarterly, 60(3):482-517.

  • Hambrick, D.C., Misangyi, V.F., & Park, C. 2015. The Quad Model for Identifying a Corporate Director's Potential for Effective Monitoring:  Toward a New Theory of Board Sufficiency. Academy of Management Review.
  • Patvardhan, S., Gioia, D.A. & Hamilton, A. 2015. Weathering a Metalevel Identity Crisis: Forging a Cohenerent Collective Identity for an Emerging Field. Academy of Management Journal, 58: 405-435.


  • Pollock, T.G. & Lashley, K. 2014. Who Needs a Shrink When you Have Business Week?  Using Content Analysis to Get Inside the Heads of Entrepreneurs, VCs and Other Market Participants. In T. Baker and F. Welter (Eds.) The Routledge Companion to Entrepreneurship. Oxford, UK: Routledge: 423-438.

  • Hambrick, D.C., Humphrey, S.E., & Gupta, A. 2014. Structural Interdependence Within Top Management Teams: A Key Moderator of Upper Echelons Predictions. Strategic Management Journal.

  • Quigley, T.J. & Hambrick, D.C. 2014 Has the "CEO Effect" Increased in Recent Decades? A New Explanation for the Great Rise in America's Attention to Corporate Leaders. Strategic Management Journal.

  • Briscoe, F., Chin, M.K., & Hambrick, D.C. 2014. CEO Ideology as an Element of the Corporate Opportunity Structure for Social Activists. Academy of Management Journal.

  • Crossland, C., Zyung, J. HiIler, N.J. & Hambrick, D.C. 2014. CEO Career Variety: Effects on Firm-level Strategic and Social Novelty. Academy of Management Journal.

  • Hambrick, D.C., & Quigley, T.J. 2014. Toward More Accurate Contextualization of the CEO Effect on Firm Performance. Strategic Management Journal.

  • Garud, R., Gehman, J. & Giuliani, A. 2014. Contextualizing Entrepreneurial Innovation: A Narrative Perspective. Research Policy.

  • Garud, R., Gehman, J. & Karunakaran, A. 2014. Boundaries, Breaches, and Bridges: The Case of Climategate. Research Policy.

  • Gioia, D.A., Hamilton, A.L., & Patvardhan, S. 2014. Image is Everything! Reflections on the Role of Image in Modern Organization Life. Research in Organizational Behavior.

  • Treviño, L.K., den Nieuwenboer, N., Kreiner, G.E., & Bishop, D. 2014. Legitimating the Legitimate: A Grounded Theory Study of Legitimacy Work Among Ethics and Compliance Officers. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

  • Misangyi, V.F., & Acharya, A. 2014. Substitutes or Complements?  A Configurational Examination of Corporate Governance Mechanisms. Academy of Management Journal.


  • Gioia, D.A., Patvardhan, S., Hamilton, A.L. & Corley, K.G. 2013. Organizational identity formation and change. Academy of Management Annals.

  • Chin, M.K., Hambrick, D.C. & Treviño, L.K. 2013. Political Ideologies of CEO's:  Illustrative Evidence of the Influence of Executive Values on Corporate Social Responsibility, Administrative Science Quarterly.

  • Acharya, A. & Pollock, T.G. 2013. Shoot for the Stars? Predicting the Recruitment of Prestigious Directors By Newly Public Firms. Academy of Management Journal.

  • Gehman, J., Treviño, L.K. & Garud, R. 2013. Values Work: The Emergence and Performance of Organizational Values Practices. Academy of Management Journal.

  • Gioia, D.A., Corley, K.G. & Hamilton, A.L. 2013. Seeking Qualitative Rigor in Inductive Research: Notes on the Gioia Methodology. Organizational Research Methods. 


  • Briscoe, F. & Murphy, C. 2012. Sleight of Hand? Practice Opacity, Third-Party Responses, and the Interorganizational Diffusion of Controversial Practices. Administrative Science Quarterly, 57 (4): 553-584.
  • Nag, R. & Gioia, D.A. 2012.  From Common to Uncommon Knowledge: Foundations of Firm-Specific Use of Knowledge as a Resource. Academy of Management Journal.

  • Kim, K. & Tsai, W. 2012. Social Comparison Among Competing Firms. Strategic Management Journal, 33 (2): 115-136.

  • Quigley, T.J. & Hambrick, D.C. 2012. When the Former CEO Stays on as Board Chair:  Effects on Successor Discretion, Strategic Change, and Performance, Strategic Management Journal.

  • Chen, G. & Hambrick, D.C. 2012. CEO Replacement in Turnaround Situations: Executive (Mis)fit and Its Performance Implications, Organizational Science.

  • Garud, R. & Gehman, J. 2012. Metatheoretical Perspectives on Sustainability Journeys: Evolutionary, Relational and Durational. Research Policy.

  • Gioia, D.A., Nag, R. & Corley, K. 2012. Visionary Ambiguity and Strategic Change: The Virtue of Vagueness in Launching Major Organizational change. Journal of Management Inquiry.

  • Nag, R., Gioia, D.A. 2012. From Common to Uncommon Knowledge: Foundations of Firm-Specific Use of Knowledge as a Resource. Academy of Management Journal.


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  • Chatterjee, A., & Hambrick, D.C. 2011. Executive Personality, Capability Cues, and Risk Taking: How Narcissistic CEOs React To Their Successes and Stumbles, Administrative Science Quarterly.

  • Gray, B. & Stites, J.P. 2011. In Search of Integrated Logics: Reframing the Climate Change Debate. Strategic Organization 9 (1):85:90.

  • Stites, J.P. & Michael, J.H., 2011. Organizational Commitment in Manufacturing Employees: Relationships with Corporate Social Performance. Business & Society 50(1):50-70.


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  • Clark, S.M., Gioia, D.A., Ketchen, D.J, Jr. & Thomas, J.B. 2010. Transitional Identity as a Facilitator of Organizational Identity Change During a Merger. Administrative Science Quarterly, 55: 397-438.

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  • Kish-Gephart, J. J., Harrison, D.A., & Treviño, L.K., 2010.  Bad Apples, Bad Cases, and Bad Barrels:  Meta-analytic Evidence About Sources of Unethical Decisions at Work.  Journal of Applied Psychology 95: 1-31.

  • Wowak, A.J., & Hambrick, D.C. 2010. A Model of Person-Pay Interaction: How Executives Vary in Their Responses to Compensation Arrangements. Strategic Management Journal 31(8): 803-821.

  • Pollock, T.G., Chen, G., Jackson, E.M. & Hambrick, D.C. 2010. How Much Prestige is Enough? Assessing the Value of Multiple Types of High-Status Affiliates for Young Firms.  Journal of Business Venturing, 25(1):6-23.