Penn State Investment Association

Information on the Penn State Investment Association.

The Penn State Investment Association (PSIA) is open to all students from any major or knowledge level. The organization serves in an educational capacity to both educate members and provide tools to help Penn State students succeed in pursuing careers on Wall Street. The organization also serves to educate members with an interest in personal investing.

During both the fall and spring semesters, members of the Nittany Lion Fund lead weekly educational meetings to cover important topics such as comparable company analysis, the discounted cash flow model, interview preparation, and resume structure. Additionally, members of the Nittany Lion Fund hold weekly sector specific breakout meetings (ex. Energy) to discuss the specific sector holdings and trends and to offer PSIA members a more in depth knowledge on the topics covered in general meetings.

At the end of the semester, freshman and sophomore members of PSIA are invited to apply to interview for a position in the Nittany Lion Fund. If selected, students will go through a “Wall Street” type interview process in order to be considered for a position in the Nittany Lion Fund.