Negotiation and Influence

An overview of the Penn State Smeal Graduate Certificate in Negotiation and Influence.

The 9-credit Graduate Certificate in Negotiation and Influence, developed by the internationally ranked Smeal College of Business and offered online through Penn State World Campus, can provide the foundation for vital negotiation tactics.

Managers need the ability to effectively negotiate and utilize their influence to:

  • construct profitable agreements
  • gain support
  • close a deal
  • implement solutions.

Effective negotiators are typically excellent listeners, creative and analytical thinkers, and persuasive speakers. They use their skills and influence to gain acceptance for their solutions, products, or ideas and ensure their strategies are implemented.

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The 3 courses for the Graduate Certificate in Negotiation and Influence are designed to blend in-depth information about negotiations, power, and influence with hands-on, trial-and-error learning to help you develop strong negotiation skills.

Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Negotiation Theory and Skills BA 805 Delivers an overview of the difference between traditional (distributive) bargaining and interest-based (or integrative) negotiations; students can learn to identify their own and others' interests, create and claim value, and craft constructive agreements for all parties. 3
Power and Influence MGMT 565 Provides students with the frameworks, concepts, and tools that allow them to diagnose individual and organizational sources of power and influence, as well as to wield these sources of power and influence in an ethical and responsible way. 3
Complex Negotiations MGMT 821

Introduces the theory and practice of negotiation in a variety of settings, with specific emphasis on multiparty context; the courses will allow students to develop these skills experientially and to understand negotiation in useful analytical frameworks.


Prerequisite: BA 805


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