Master's in Taxation

Information about the online speciality master's in taxation, led by the Penn State Smeal College of Business and delivered by Penn State World Campus.

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The flexible, online 30-credit Master's in Taxation is designed for busy professionals who want to specialize in the field of taxation. As a student, you will gain a global tax perspective in taxation while increasing your depth of knowledge and skill in specific areas such as international taxes, corporate taxation, and tax policy.

This program is offered online through Penn State World Campus in partnership with the internationally ranked Smeal College of Business.

What You Will Learn

  • Solid Tax Foundation 
    • Acquire in-depth understanding of tax authority, including law, regulations and court cases in a number of taxation areas.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of tax policy and procedure as well as how the IRS interprets/applies laws.
  • Tax Analysis
    • Develop ability to analyze and resolve complex tax matters, through issue identification, research, and application of the law to specific facts.
    • Develop the skills and knowledge to systematically and analytically provide tax planning and recommendations. 
  • Communication
    • Develop skills needed to present written research results and recommendations in the form of case briefs, memos and letters for both clients and management.
    • Learn to orally communicate tax well-reasoned research results and recommendations to individuals and groups.
  • Ethical Responsibilities
    • Apply laws, ethical principles, and professional standards in order to evaluate situations and make moral decisions.
    • Cultivate a principled approach to leadership, valuing others’ perspectives and acting with integrity.

Flexible Program Structure 

The Master's in Taxation requires 30 credits comprised of 21 required core credits and 9 credits of electives. You may complete courses online, in any order, and at your own pace in accordance with the course offering schedule. 

Required Core Courses: 21 Credits
Title Abbreviation Credits
Introduction to Taxation ACCTG 812 3 credits
Corporate Taxation and Accounting for Income Taxes ACCTG 522 3 credits
Pass-Through Taxation ACCTG 823 3 credits
Introduction to Tax Law and Policy ACCTG 801 3 credits
International Taxes ACCTG 826 1.5 credits
State & Local Taxes ACCTG 827 1.5 credits
Advanced Topics in Corporations and Tax Law ACCTG 802 3 credits
Tax Research & Analysis (Capstone Course) ACCTG 529 3 credits 

Elective Courses 

Increase your breadth of knowledge in specialty areas such as business analytics and supply chain management. Select nine credits to complete as part of your electives for the Master's in Taxation program: 

Elective Courses: Select 9 credits
Title  Abbreviation Credits
Auditing ACCTG 813 3 credits
Managerial Accounting ACCTG 814 3 credits
Strategic Business Architecture BA 809 3 credits
Prescriptive Analytics for Business BAN 550 3 credits
Descriptive Analytics for Business BAN 830 3 credits
Predictive Analytics for Business BAN 840 3 credits
Business Transformation Consulting MGMT 880 3 credits
Supply Chain Management SCM 800 3 credits
Sustainable Supply Chain Management SCM 813 3 credits
Financial Accounting MBADM 811 3 credits 

Earn a Graduate Certificate Along the Way

Thanks to our integrative curriculum, you have the flexibility to begin with our certificate, and then move up to the degree, or you can apply to the master's program directly and earn a graduate certificate along the way. A complete application and acceptance is required for each program. As always, please consult with your adviser for details.

Graduate Certificate in Taxation Course List - Select 9 Credits to Earn Your Credential 
Title Abbreviation Credits
Introduction to Taxation ACCTG 812 3 credits
Corporate Taxation and Accounting for Income Taxes ACCTG 522 3 credits
Pass-Through Taxation ACCTG 823 3 credits
International Taxes ACCTG 826 1.5 credits
State and Local Taxes ACCTG 827

1.5 credits

Who is the Ideal Program Candidate? This program is ideal for early to mid-career professionals with a bachelor's degree and have a background or experience in accounting, auditing, or finance. 

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At the Penn State Smeal College of Business, we recognize that the desire for knowledge and professional growth extends well beyond graduation day. That is why we created a portfolio of graduate professional programs for all stages of your career.

We make it easy to customize a learning plan that meets your specific career aspirations. With more concentrations and the most integrated, flexible offering of online and residential programs in the United States, Penn State Smeal allows you to “build your own” plan for lifelong learning. Here, you can “stack” graduate certificates and master’s degrees based on what is important to you.

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