Master's in Marketing Analytics and Insights

Information about the Penn State Smeal College of Business Master's in Marketing Analytics and Insights Program

The 30-credit Master's in Marketing Analytics and Insights Program(MMAI) will provide you with theoretical foundations, analytical tools, and critical thinking skills to efficiently apply data to make strategic marketing decisions. You will be challenged to use real data sets to solve critical marketing challenges in the areas of customer acquisition and retention, brand management, digital marketing communication, market evaluation, and customer experience management.

This program, offered online through Penn State World Campus in partnership with the internationally ranked Smeal College of Business, can help you build a contemporary skillset to advance your career in data-driven marketing applications. 

Learn More and Apply: Visit Penn State World Campus for more on the Master's in Marketing Analytics and Insights. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Build an Analytical Toolkit: Gain the ability to identify and utilize the appropriate marketing analytics tools to gather, integrate, visualize, and analyze data:
    • Develop in-depth knowledge in the principles of applied marketing analytics, including marketing data sources, data quality, software options, fundamentals of statistics.
    • Learn to integrate and visualize marketing-related data from disparate sources such as industry data, CRM and sales data, Google Analytics, social media, and consumer surveys.
  • Applications of Data-Driven Marketing Cases. See how to ask the right marketing questions, find the right data, learn the right tools to analyze that data, and glean valuable insights related to digital marketing analytics, customer analytics, and brand analytics.
  • Marketing in a Global Environment. Examine strategic issues in global marketing, including opportunity analysis, planning, and implementation.
  • Ethical Implications of Managerial Decisions. Emphasizes principled approaches to leadership, valuing others’ perspectives, and acting with integrity.

Earn a Graduate Certificate Along the Way

Thanks to our integrative curriculum, you have the flexibility to begin with our certificate, and then move up to the degree, or you can apply to the master's program directly and earn a graduate certificate along the way. A complete application and acceptance is required for each program. As always, please consult with your adviser for details.

This 12-credit graduate certificate comprises the following four courses from the Master's in Marketing Analytics and Insights:

  • Driving Business Success with Marketing Analytics (MKTG 811)
  • Evaluating Marketing Communications in a Digital World (MKTG 812)
  • Data-driven Customer Acquisition and Retention (MKTG 813)
  • Analytics for Brand Management and Customer Experience (MKTG 814)

Who Should Apply? This program is ideal for early to mid-career professionals with at least two years of work experience in a marketing or business-related job. Entrepreneurs who aspire to take new products to market, and STEM consultants who seek to analyze and solve customer problems will also find this program beneficial. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Penn State Smeal Master's in Marketing Analytics and Insights, please contact:

Michelle Rockower
Office of Professional Graduate Programs
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