Curriculum information for the Penn State Smeal Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics.

The Penn State Smeal College of Business Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics consists of a four-course online sequence. The entire sequence may be completed in one calendar year, but students are able to work at their own pace. These courses will be taught in an asynchronous manner, with students completing most of the assignments during the weeks in which they are assigned and then participating in online sessions.

Course offerings include:

  • Driving Business Success with Marketing Analytics (MKTG 811): Principles of applied marketing analytics, including marketing data sources, data quality, software, and fundamentals of statistics. Special focus on translating data in to meaningful business insights and strategy.
  • Evaluating Marketing Communications in the Digital World (MKTG 812): Introduction to data analytics for evaluating digital marketing communication, including assessment of mobile, website, and online shopper experiences; evaluation of digital campaigns, social media monitoring, and media mix modeling. 
  • Data-Driven Customer Acquisition & Retention (MKTG 813): Examination of data analytics to strategically drive targeting, acquiring, developing relationships with, and retaining customers. Prerequisite: MKTG 811
  • Analytics for Brand Management and Customer Experience (MKTG 814): Review of analytics addressing key marketing challenges, including brand positioning and differentiation, pricing and product strategy, brand equity, and customer satisfaction. Prerequisite: MKTG 811

If you wish to apply Marketing Analytics certificate credits to the Online MBA, please be advised that three out of the four courses in the certificate will transfer in as concentration electives (MKTG812, 813 and 814). MKTG811 will not transfer if you start with the certificate and then apply to the Online MBA. Students starting with the Online MBA will have MKTG811 waived. For additional questions about this, please contact the Online MBA team at