Management Undergraduate Major

Information for students who are interested in or majoring in Management

Management is one of the Smeal’s undergraduate majors. This section will provide information for management students and students considering the Management major. You will find monthly student memos, student spotlights, management events, and award winner information.

Introductory Video Descriptions of Courses Taken for the Management Major

General Overview of the Management Major

Core Courses:

MGMT 326 - Organizational Behavior and Design


MGMT 341 - Human Resource Management
GMT 355 - Leadership and Change in Organizations
MGMT 420 - Negotiation and Conflict Management
GMT 441 - Organizational Staffing and Development
MGMT 443 - Performance Management
MGMT 445 - Managing a Diverse Workforce
MGMT 480 - Business Transformation Consulting
BA 441        - Strategies for Enterprise Sustainability