Tomas Hanzlik, Integrated MAcc Class of 2016

Tomas Hanzlik's experience with being an international student in the MAcc Program

Experience with being an international student in the MAcc Program

When entering Penn State I was looking for the major that would best prepare me for the business world. During my sophomore year I found out about the Integrated MAcc program. I was immediately interested because it allowed me to combine accounting and finance, which were the areas of business I was most interested in. After doing more research I decided to apply and during spring of my sophomore year I was admitted. As I am starting my second year in the program, I have only positive things to say. With the demanding schedule of a varsity tennis player I found it very useful having such helpful and knowledgeable professors and administrators. Even with the practices and traveling, I have never found it difficult to schedule an appointment or obtain help from them. They are flexible and always willing to provide advice for me as well as for other student in the program. The curriculum of classes is organized to insure that you are a well-rounded business professional. Lastly and most importantly, the opportunities this program offers are countless.

I find the MAcc program to be an amazing opportunity for international students interested in starting their professional careers in the United States. As a student from Czech Republic, I recognize the difficulty of obtaining an internship or a full-time job in the US. The program provides students exclusive connections with large global companies that are looking to hire students no matter where they are from. The MAcc program opened doors to a plethora of leadership programs and internship opportunities which made me more marketable than the average international student graduating with just a bachelor’s degree. This summer I was accepted to PwC’s National Elevate Leadership Program as well as KPMG’s Discover Leadership Program.

With that being said I’m currently in the final rounds of interviews for summer internships with various firms including the Big Four accounting firms. Most of these opportunities would not be attainable if I was not part of the MAcc program. I found that the network and recognition which program has in the business world is exceptional.