Sean Horoho, Integrated MAcc Class of 2016

Sean Horoho's experience with being the MPSA President

President, MAcc Program Student Association (MPSA)

During my Junior year (first year in the program), I was elected President of the MAcc Program Student Association (MPSA). The mission of the MAcc Program Student Association is to provide a link between program faculty, professional recruiters, and students. Our goal is to afford an outlet for MAcc students to learn the professional and soft skills necessary to succeed in the business world. My executive board and I plan professional events year round while working behind the scenes to continue to create new opportunities for our students.

As president of MPSA, I have had the unique opportunity to build relationships with many recruiters and high level representatives at companies such as the Big 4, Exxon, GE, J&J, Goldman Sachs, and many others. As well as public accounting firms, corporations see the distinct value of the MAcc program and are organizing entry level developmental programs just for MAcc students. I regularly get invited to conference calls and meetings to assist companies in developing their recruiting strategy within the program. The relationships that I have fostered have helped me personally as well. During the summer of 2014, I interned for GE Capital in Stamford, CT. I worked for the FX controllership team and assisted in building a new hedge accounting program for GE’s foreign currency exposures. During the winter of 2015, I will be interning with PwC Pittsburgh in the assurance practice.

It is a very exciting time to be a student in the accounting profession and there is no doubt that the academic rigor of the program has prepared me well. As president I often talk to recent MAcc graduates who return to campus to recruit. They often tell me about how easy it was for them to make the transition into work place because of what they learned as MAcc students. The excellent reputation of the MAcc program continues to grow each year and the opportunities presented by the program are tremendous. I could not imagine a better place to build connections and launch a career than the Penn State MAcc Program.