Paul Driscoll, Integrated MAcc Class of 2013

Paul Driscoll's testimonial regarding his tax internship with Ernst & Young.

Portrait of Paul Driscoll, Integrated MAcc Class of 2013

Tax internship with Ernst & Young in NYC

After joining the MAcc program at Penn State at the start of my fourth year, I was able to attain a winter internship with Ernst & Young as a tax professional in New York City. Because the internship was during the period the tax world calls 'busy season', I was able to get a great feel of the real day-to-day workload of a staff member. The workload was challenging at first, but allowed for me to greater develop my team work skills, as well as helped me to see how my education is applied to real world situations. During my internship I developed a great network of professional, as well as personal relationships with clients and coworkers. The exposure to the corporate world of public accounting was the best education I have had in my academic career. Everyone at the firm was more than willing to help me with any questions that I had, even if they were basic excel functionality ones. The culture at Ernst & Young distinguishes it from the other “Big Four” public accounting firms. Through my work with my engagement team, it became more and more prevalent to me that the firm values its employees just as much, if not more than its clients. Even though I was just an intern, my engagement team worked hard at assimilating me into the team, as well as making me feel like an integral member. I am looking forward to starting my career with a firm whose values and culture are similar to mine.


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