Michael Geltrude, Integrated MAcc Class of 2017

Michael Geltrude's experience with balancing Greek life and the MAcc Program

Balancing Greek life and the MAcc Program

Greek life at Penn State has been a fantastic experience. Joining a fraternity presented me with many opportunities and allowed me to actively participate in various aspects of college life. Specifically, I found that the chance to develop my leadership skills was one of the more rewarding experiences of Greek life. Many students in the Master of Accounting Program are leaders in the Penn State community; whether it is through a fraternity or sorority, participating in a social or academic club on campus, or as a member of a sports team - we are all striving for excellence. The MAcc program is an opportunity to expand your academic credentials and compete with some of the brightest minds at Penn State. That does not go unnoticed, as potential employers are quite eager to speak with our members and to invite them to their events. Since being accepted to the program, I have been invited to various dinners and meetings which have presented me with incredible opportunities to network with fellow students and professionals.

Being president of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, one of the largest fraternities at Penn State, is a significant commitment of time. However, it can be effectively managed if you’re willing to make some sacrifices. The MAcc program is not easy. In fact, it is quite challenging and therefore it is not for everyone. But if you have what it takes and you are committed to learning, you have come to the right place! The professors in the MAcc program are committed to creating a path towards their students’ future success. I have never been more motivated to go to class and to work harder simply because of my professors. Their energy and passion is contagious! Going to class is not a chore; it is an opportunity to improve, to learn and to excel. Everything about my experience in the MAcc program has made me want to continue on a path in the accounting profession. It is very clear that my professors’ want me to learn, want me to succeed and want to challenge me so that I am well prepared for a career in accounting. Part of that preparation is seeking opportunities to lead while you are at Penn State. In my mind, there could be nothing better than combining and balancing Greek life with the MAcc program.