Matthew Hickey, One-Year MAcc Class of 2013

Matthew Hickey, One-Year MAcc Class of 2013, describing his experience interning at Deloitte and how the One-Year MAcc Program helped prepare him for a career in public accounting.

Internship with Deloitte in Pittsburgh, PA

My internship at Deloitte was a great learning experience that transitioned into a full-time position. Interning during the busy season really allowed me to do a lot of important work. Every week was a new challenge, and I even got to work face-to-face with various employees of the client, including the chief financial officer of the company.

The course work in the program puts an emphasis on analyzing material and being able to communicate your findings, which is essential in public accounting. My experience from our classes helped me perform my tasks efficiently and communicate effectively with my team members and our client.

One-Year MAcc Program Faculty

Right from the start, the faculty were very involved in making sure every student would get the most out of the program. There were numerous opportunities to network with a variety of companies at different events. The faculty made sure that our program was getting exposure to the top firms, and helped to connect us to recruiters.

Team Learning Environment

In our classes, we constantly worked in groups. This type of atmosphere definitely allows students to learn from one another and at the same time, learn how to work in groups with different people, which is a skill we can all carry with us into our professional careers.