Grace Guo, Integrated MAcc Class of 2017

Grace Guo's perspective on the benefits of participating in case competitions

Benefits of participating in case competitions

Although it is just the beginning of my first semester in the MAcc program, I have already been able to take advantage of the incredible opportunities it has to offer. The professors and faculty are extremely invested in the students as well as their success. The program as a whole not only brings together high achieving and like-minded individuals, but it also offers additional exposure with great companies.

This year, I had the opportunity to participate in the PwC Case Competition with two peers from my MAcc class and two from the MAcc class above ours. Case competitions in general are really great because you are able to network closely with recruiters from the company hosting the case competition, demonstrate your creativity, and hone your presentation, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Case competitions have a set time frame within which each team has to brainstorm their idea and create a presentation. In PwC’s Case Competition, we were given about two weeks.

During this time, I had to find a way to balance the expectations of the MAcc program with preparation for the case. I definitely had to make sure to manage my time well, but the experience was absolutely worth it. I had a great time working with my team to brainstorm a creative solution for the case, and we were able to win third place out of 54 teams that participated! In the end, I don’t think it’s really about winning. I think what really matters is what you get out of participating- lessons you learn, skills you develop, relationships you form, and gaining new experiences.

Among other things that I have been involved in during my college career (the Sapphire Leadership Program, a business fraternity, the KPMG International Case Competition, an internship with Vanguard, etc.), the MAcc program has without a doubt helped me develop both the technical knowledge and soft-skills that I need to be successful in my future career, and I know that it will continue to do so as I go through my next three years in the program.