Carlene Murdy, One-Year MAcc Class of 2013

Carlene Murdy, One-Year MAcc Class of 2013, describes her experience interning at PricewaterhouseCoopers and how the One-Year MAcc Program prepared her for a career in public accounting.

Internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston, MA

I had an amazing experience interning with PwC. I started interning at the peak of the busy season so the work I got was meaningful and the same as what first year associates were also doing. This gave me good insight as to the kind of work I would be doing as a new hire. Also, as part of PwC’s internship program, I volunteered at school in the Boston area to teach financial literacy to elementary students, which offered a nice break from studying and helped me apply what I learned in a real life setting.

One-Year MAcc Program Faculty

The faculty go above and beyond for students in this program. They are behind students throughout the entire process; from resume reviews and mock interviews, to getting an interview with one of the Big Four, to helping you best prepare for the CPA by structuring classwork around specific topics.  If you take advantage of all that Smeal and the One-Year MAcc Program has to offer, there is no way you won’t achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Team Learning Environment

I felt that being on my team at PwC was comparable to being in the One-Year MAcc Program. The program prepares you for the team setting you’re going to be in during your internship. Work often gets filtered from the bottom up, and many times you start working on projects that are eventually going to be seen by the partner. Group work is built into the program, and it forces you to share ideas, contribute evenly, and build upon each others’ work, which is a skill necessary to being successful in public accounting.