Brandon Ebeling, Integrated MAcc Class of 2014

Brandon Ebeling's testimonial regarding his internship at Freddie Mac and his PwC SLP.

Portrait of Brandon Ebeling, Integrated MAcc Class of 2014

Internship with Freddie Mac and PricewaterhouseCoopers Summer Leadership Program

After my first year in the MAcc program at Penn State I have nothing but good things to say about the program, the professors who run it, and the students who have taken on the challenge with me. With two years still remaining until graduation, I have been given so many amazing opportunities that have undoubtedly sprung from my being in the program. While some of my friends struggled to find internships, I was able to, with the help of the MAcc program, catch the eye of second hand mortgage company Freddie Mac and earn a summer internship with them even with two more years of school left before graduation.

My internship with Freddie Mac helped me gain invaluable knowledge about the second hand mortgage business, corporate culture, and especially a deeper understanding of corporate finance. Having the accounting background provided by the MAcc program along with a major in finance allowed me to quickly, and easily grasp concepts from many different fields throughout the company along with giving me countless options and opportunities within and even outside of Freddie Mac.

I was also given the opportunity to participate in PricewaterhouseCooper’s National Leadership Conference in Chicago. MAcc’s great relationship with the big four accounting firms gave me the opportunity to meet hundreds of motivated students and PwC employees alike. The conference was a fun, exciting way to learn more about the company, network with many PwC employees, and even receive an internship offer for the following summer. The opportunities and advantages of being in the MAcc program have been incredible so far and I can only imagine that they will continue as I go into my senior year here at Penn State.


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