Program Format & Curriculum

Information on the One-Year MAcc Program format and curriculum

Offered in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting with dedicated course sections on Penn State’s University Park campus, the One-Year MAcc Program begins in the fall semester and concludes in August of the following year. The One-Year MAcc Program offered by Penn State's University Park campus can only be completed on a full-time basis and is not offered online.

CPA Exam Preparation

Courses covered in the program are designed with the near-term goal of passing the CPA Exam and the long-term goal of preparing for a rewarding career as an accounting professional. Faculty work with students to ensure they understand the major issues confronting the accounting profession today and have the technical competence to pass the CPA Exam.


Fall Semester (15 credits)

ACCTG 432 – Accounting Information Systems

ACCTG 440 – Advanced Managerial Accounting

ACCTG 803 – Forensic Accounting

B A 517 – Leadership Communications

B LAW 444 – Advanced UCC and Commercial Transactions

Spring Semester (3 credits)


Summer Semester (12 credits)

ACCTG 806 – Taxes and Business Planning

ACCTG 873 – Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting

ACCTG 881 – Financial Statement Analysis

FIN 531 – Financial Management


An essential part of the program curriculum is the required spring semester internship. The internship must be accounting-related in order to qualify. The Director of the One-Year MAcc Program, Scott Collins, will assist you as you explore options for placement and encourage you to make the most of your campus recruiting events. An internship is not guaranteed and is not provided by the program.