Offering rigorous preparation for the CPA exam and deep connections with top accounting firms.
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Expand Your Career Potential

Designed for high-potential baccalaureates seeking expanded career opportunities and CPA exam preparation, the Penn State Smeal One-Year MAcc Program prepares you to meet the growing demands of the accounting profession by connecting you with top corporate partners, providing an exceptional academic experience, and strengthening your network through peers and a global alumni community.

  • Corporate Connections:
    Engage with top companies, including the Big Four, through paid internships, corporate speaker series, career fairs, and networking events.
  • Academic Experience:
    Designed to prepare you for the CPA exam, the academic experience is enhanced by our world-class faculty and dedicated course sections on Penn State's University Park campus.
  • Community:
    Being part of one of the largest alumni networks in the world increases your career potential and provides endless opportunities to connect.

We invite you to discover how the Penn State Smeal One-Year MAcc Program can prepare you for the future. Applications for Fall 2014 are being reviewed now.