Application Deadlines

Information on the application deadlines for the One-Year MAcc Program.

The application to begin the One-Year MAcc Program in Fall 2018 will be made available in September 2017.  Application deadlines to begin the program in Fall 2018 will be as follows:

  • US Citizens and US Permanent Residents (First Round): 11/01/17 *
  • US Citizens and US Permanent Residents (Second Round): 02/01/18 *
  • International Students: 02/01/18 (note: we are only accepting applications from international students who are currently in the United States while pursuing their entire four-year undergraduate degree program from an accredited U.S.-based institution.)
  • Applications from US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, and international students will be considered and reviewed on a “rolling admissions” basis after the 02/01/18 application deadline.*  

*  Applicants may apply only once during any given academic year.

For US Citizens and US Permanent Residents, a natural question emerges regarding any tradeoffs that might exist between the November and February application deadlines, as well as the “rolling admissions” process after the February application deadline.  The following insight might be helpful as you consider tradeoffs between the various application deadlines:

  • The Admissions Committee will review the application materials you submit as of any given application deadline.  The attractiveness of your application package is therefore a function of the “body of work” you are presenting to the Admissions Committee as of that application deadline.  In some cases, the attractiveness of your application package is sufficient for admissions consideration during the first application round.  In other cases, the extra time provided by an alternate application round can help improve the attractiveness of your application package.  Any perceived benefit that might be realized by submitting an application package to an alternate application round should be weighed against any perceived costs associated with the additional information provided immediately below.
  • Because the application package is comprehensive in nature, and because you will be asked to submit materials and request reference letters, we recommend starting the application at least one month prior to the application deadline.
  • Offers of admission are valid for sixty (60) days. To accept an offer, you must submit a $500 non-refundable tuition deposit. Offers of admission are conditional upon satisfactory completion of remaining undergraduate coursework (including coursework equivalent to a specified sequence of Penn State undergraduate accounting courses) and obtaining a bachelor’s degree before entering the One-Year MAcc Program.  Additional conditions of admission may be communicated to an applicant at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.