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IRES Resume Portfolio

Students who are participating in the IRES Real Estate Boot Camp have submitted their resumes. These students are interested in both internship and full-time opportunities within the real estate industry.

Penn State Alternative Inflation Rate

Consumer prices may be more volatile than are represented in current government inflation indexes. These indexes are used to guide a range of economic decisions including guidance on interest rates and Social Security cost-of-living adjustments. The research of Dr. Brent Ambrose and Dr. Jiro Yoshida shows how housing rent information collected by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis may lead to errors in the official inflation rates. Since housing makes up a large part of the inflation indexes, small errors in their measurement can have sizable impacts on official inflation pronouncements. For example, their analysis indicates that the official inflation rate was overestimated by up to 4% during the Great Recession and is currently underestimated by almost 1%. For additional information about the new Penn State Alternative Inflation Index, click here.