Sokolov Family Seminar Series

Made possible by the generous support of Richard S. and Susan B. Sokolov.

Recent and Upcoming Seminars

Date Speaker / Topic Time Location  


Kazuto Sumita,
Toyo University

11am-12:30 pm 122 Business Building Bequest Motives, Inheritance Tax, and Housing Choice:  Implications for Empty Nest Problem

Jeremy Grant Moulton,
University of North Carolina

11am-12:30 pm

122 Business Building

Monetary Policy and the Housing Market

Matteo Iacoviello,
Federal Reserve Board

11am-12:30pm 122 Business Building Measuring Geopolitical Risk
10/22/19 Gonzalo Maturana,
Emory University
11-12:30pm 122 Business Building What Drove the 2003-2006 House Price Boom and Subsequent Collapse?  Disentangling Competing Explanations
11/14/19 Eva Steiner,
Cornell University
3-4:30pm 120 Business Building Asset Values and Corporate Borrowing:  Evidence from Contract-Level Data
11/19/19 Erasmo Giambona,
Syracuse University
11am-12:30pm 122 Business Building Derivatives Superpriority and Life Insurance Premiums:  Evidence from Insurer Receivership Laws
1/29/2020 Ruchi Singh,
University of Georgia
11am-12:30 pm 121 Business Building Is Competition a Cure for Confusion?  Evidence from the Residential Mortgage Market

Christos Makridis,

11am-12:30pm 121 Business Building Housing Market Regulation and Labor Market Dynamism

Jacob Sagi,
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

3:30pm-5pm Zoom Macro Fundamentals & Commercial Real Estate Price Dynamics

Darren Aiello,
Brigham Young University

3:30pm-5pm Zoom The Burden of Underfunded Pensions:  Evidence from Homeowners

Alina Arefeva,
University of Wisconsin


Zoom Who Benefits from Place-Based Policies? Job Growth from Opportunity Zones

Dorinth van Dijk,
The Netherlands Bank in Amsterdam

11am-12:30pm Zoom

Local Constant-Quality Housing Market Liquidity Indices


James Vickery,
Federal Reserve - New York

12pm-1:30pm Zoom How Resilient is Mortgage Credit Supply?  Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jing Li,
Singapore Management University

11am-12:30pm Zoom Subway, Collaborative Matching, and Innovation
3/31/2021 Tingyu Zhou,
Florida State University
11am-12:30pm Zoom

Face-to-face Interactions, Tenant Resilience, and Commercial Real Estate Performance


Carles Vergara-Alert,
IESE Business School

11am-12:30pm Register Here Housing and Mortgage Markets with Climate-Change Risk:  Evidence from Wildfires in California

Jacob Sagi

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Sophia (Sonia) Gilbukh

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Darren Aliello

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