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Alumni and Corporate Recruiters

From leading by example to hosting a special event, there are a number of ways for alumni and corporate recruiters to promote integrity and ethical behavior.

Ask Students about Integrity

From the college’s mentoring program to the recruiting process, we encourage you to engage in conversation with our students about ethics in the workplace. During information sessions and interview sessions especially, discuss your organization’s culture. Share your company’s values and code of conduct, preview orientation and training programs, highlight the performance management system, and discuss your organization’s everyday norms and rituals. If you have a story or two to share about your organization, pass it along. Most importantly, ask our students to explain a time when they experienced an ethical dilemma. How did they handle it? What would they do differently in the future?

Share Best Practices

From orientation and training programs to company rituals, alumni and corporate recruiters are encouraged to share best practices with the college. Contact the Honor and Integrity Director to share how your organization promotes integrity and ethical behavior, or assist us with an introduction to your organization’s ethics officer.

Share Your Ethical Dilemmas

Business professionals are encouraged to share their workplace dilemmas with the Smeal community. We want to provide our students with countless examples that highlight the importance of integrity in the classroom and the workplace. Contact the Honor and Integrity Director to share an ethical dilemma from your professional work experience.

Host a Donuts and Dilemmas Discussion

Sponsored by company representatives, Donuts and Dilemmas provide students with an informal venue to discuss ethical dilemmas in the professional workplace. Company representatives meet with students to share personal ethical dilemmas and discuss ethical challenges in the industry. Contact the Honor and Integrity Director to schedule and sponsor a future Donuts and Dilemmas discussion.

Volunteer to Serve as a Guest Speaker

From classroom discussions and conversations with student organizations to special events, alumni and corporate recruiters are encouraged to serve as guest speakers on topics related to business ethics. Contact the Honor and Integrity Director to share and discuss your interests.

Support an Integrity Initiative

The college seeks to embark on a number of new initiatives to promote integrity and ethical behavior across the Smeal community, and especially to prepare our students for ethical success as tomorrow’s principled business leaders. Contact the Honor and Integrity Director to learn more about the strategic direction for this initiative, and discuss your interests in supporting integrity at Smeal.

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