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Honor and Integrity Committees

The Smeal College of Business Honor and Integrity Committees work with the Honor and Integrity Director to promote integrity and ethical behavior across the Smeal community. Each committee is chaired by Director of Honor and Integrity Jennifer Eury and typically meets once a month.

Honor & Integrity Steering Committee

The Honor and Integrity Steering Committee reviews and provides feedback on the progress of fostering a culture of integrity and ethical behavior, relative to the strategic plan. The committee also serves as an on-going resource to assist with, and where appropriate, participate in the establishment of partnerships with stakeholders throughout the University as well as with those external to the University. 

Committee members: 

  • Brent Ambrose, Smeal Professor of Risk Management; Director of the Institute for Real Estate Studies; and Director of the PhD Program
  • Russell Barton, Senior Associate Dean; Associate Director of CMTOC; Former Program Director, National Science Foundation; Professor of Supply Chain and Information Systems and Industrial Engineering
  • Marilyn Blanco, Instructor of Supply Chain and Information Systems
  • Anthony Buzzelli, Retired Vice Chairman and Regional Managing Partner for the Pacific Southwest, Deloitte LLP
  • Brian Cameron, Associate Dean for Professional Graduate Programs
  • Jamie Campbell, Assistant Dean for Diversity Enhancement Programs
  • Doris Confer, Staff Advisory Committee Designee
  • Jennifer Eury, Director of Honor and Integrity (Chair)
  • Matthew Hakola, Professional Master’s Programs Student Representative
  • Megan Hauck, Chief Justice, Smeal Student Council
  • Matthew Hoerner, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Student Relations, MBA Association
  • Sophia Houghton, Student Ph.D. Association Designee
  • Christy Long, EMBA Program Student Representative
  • Brian Ross, Honor and Integrity Initiatives Graduate Assistant
  • Jeff Sharp, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • Linda Treviño, Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior and Ethics

Integrity Action Committee for Faculty & Staff

The Integrity Action Committee for Faculty and Staff works to strengthen faculty and staff commitment to integrity and ethical behavior. 

Committee members:

  • Rebecca Cianci, Human Resources Strategic Partner
  • Jennifer Eury, Director of Honor and Integrity, Office of the Dean (Chair)
  • Karen Maull, Instructor in Business Law, Risk Management
  • Megan Marshall, Administrative Support Coordinator, Business Core
  • Rich Pilston, Alumnus
  • Brian Ross, Honor and Integrity Initiatives Graduate Assistant
  • Susie Wright, Senior Instructor in Accounting

Integrity Action Committee for Students

The Integrity Action Committee for Students works to strengthen students’ commitment to integrity and ethical behavior. 

Committee members:

  • Jennifer Eury,  Director of Honor and Integrity (Chair)
  • Kamyla Fonseca, Diversity Organization representative
  • Nathaniel Grenko, General Interest Organization representative
  • Brian Ross, Honor and Integrity Initiatives Graduate Assistant
  • Will Shontz, MBA Student representative
  • Colin Wood, Business Fraternity representative 
  • Zekun Zhang, Major-Related Organization representative

Honor & Integrity Board of Visitors Sub-Committee

The Penn State Values & Culture Survey identified challenges associated with observing and reporting misconduct for the University, as well as the Smeal community. The committee will provide suggestions for addressing these challenges within the student, faculty, and staff communities, drawing upon what their organizations are doing (or have done) to address similar issues. Ideas for consideration include, but are not limited to, the communications plan and the orientation and training programs. The subcommittee will assist with implementation of these suggestions in terms of support and resources, where possible. The subcommittee will also monitor progress, based upon the college’s biennial ethical culture audit and University’s triennial survey.

Committee members:

  • Anthony Buzzelli ’71 (Chair), Vice Chairman (Retired), Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Jon Grosso ‘89, Executive Vice President, Director of Stores, Kohl's Department Stores
  • Ron Morgan ‘93, Chairman and Co-founder, Morgan Franklin Consulting

Integrity Advocates

Made up of undergraduate students, the Integrity Advocates group supports the initiatives of the Honor and Integrity program. 

Committee members:

  • Shivani Sharma
  • Francesco Liciaga 
  • Pat Bocchicchio