Garber Fund Practicum

This page gives information about the Garber Fund Practicum

The Garber Fund Practicum is a seven-week experiential learning opportunity for graduate students at Penn State.  MBA students comprise the majority of the class participants but law students and others participate as well.

During the practicum, students self select investment opportunities that match their interest and expertise.  They spend the course investigating their respective opportunity and the necessary conduct due diligence needed to consider an investment.

 At the conclusion of the course, the students present their findings and make a recommendation on whether to invest.  After all of the recommendations are made, the deals are then compared and contrasted to determine which if any of the investments will be made.

 Additional learning opportunities are available for students that would like to better understand venture capital beyond the due diligence process.  Students can also apply for independent studies to work on deal flow, negotiations or portfolio management.

If you are a student and interested in participating in the next Garber Fund Practicum, please contact the Director of the Garber Venture Capital Center.