Smeal Academic Papers List

The Smeal College faculty undertake significant academic research in entrepreneurship and related areas. The following is a list of some recent publications:

Pammer, S. E., Fong, D. K. H., and Arnold, S. F. (2000). Forecasting the Penetration of a New Product-A Bayesian Approach Journal of Business and Economic Statistics , 18, 428-435.

Karen Jansen. 2000. The emerging dynamics of change. Resistance, readiness, and momentum. Human Resource Planning 23(2):53-55.

Martin Kilduff. 2000. Organizational culture from a network perspective. Handbook of Organizational Culture & Climate 211-221.

Charles Snow. 1998. Good for practice: An integrated theory of the value of alternative organizational forms. Strategic Flexibility: Managing in a Turbulent Environment 93-113.

Charles Snow. 2000. "Entrepreneurial strategies. Entrepreneurship as Strategy 101-114.

Gary Gittings. 1998. Managing product liability to achieve highway innovations NCHRP Synthesis No. 265.

Gerald Susman. 1998. Test of a model of organizational contributors to product development team effectiveness." Journal of Engineering and Technology Management .

Pollock, T., Rindova,V., and Maggitti, P. (2008). Market Watch: Information and Availability Cascades Among the Media and Investors in the U.S. IPO Market. Academy of Management Journal, 51(2), 335-358.