This page provides information on startup services that the Farrell Center can offer and the assistance they can provide

The Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship is dedicated to fostering economic development, new venture creation in the state of Pennsylvania and supporting graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in entrepreneurship and corporate innovation.  To support this mission the Farrell Center offers the following services:

Consulting Solutions Program

The Farrell Center’s Consulting Solutions Program offers faculty-led student consulting teams to companies, especially startups, who need assistance solving problems, developing solutions, conducting research, or simply wish to interact with students in a real-world context. Participating organizations benefit by receiving assistance with projects and may even gain experience with potential new hires. This is an excellent opportunity for startup companies to obtain free services, and other companies to obtain customer feedback, market research, or input on product development. Students gain real-world, client-focused work experience, and team-building skills. Past projects have involved a diverse mixture of business challenges and technologies and have had durations ranging from fifteen weeks to a year. The Consulting Solutions Program also offers companies, especially new ventures, pro bono faculty consulting on a limited basis.

Nexus Program

The Nexus Program provides access to a network of successful innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to provide advisory services to startups, new ventures, alumni, and industry partners. Farrell Center faculty members are dedicated to helping connect engaged partners to our network of experts who can address issues related to innovation, new venture creation, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, supply chain, project management, information technology, customer relationship management, venture capital, etc. The Nexus program may be used to solicit advice and/or develop business partnerships. Farrell Center partners are invited to join our growing list of experts and advisors, or take advantage of the social network by soliciting advice from another member.

Venture Capital Funding

The Farrell Center, in partnership with the Penn State’s Garber Center for Venture Capital, is dedicated to helping companies obtain funding needed to start and grow their new ventures. The center is also committed to help innovators and entrepreneurs connect to future business partners, customers, and venture capitalists.

Guest Lecture Opportunities

Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators are invited to join us in the classroom to present on topics of interest, share real-world knowledge and experiences, facilitate discussions, engage in problem solving, and support the solutions-based learning approach of the Farrell Center and the Smeal College of Business. Our students are eager to learn from those who have relevant business experience.

Events and Pitch Competitions

Throughout the year, the Farrell Center offers, or is involved with, multiple event-related opportunities for students, faculty, and industry leaders. Events, such as the Supply Chain Pitch Competition, feature student startups, which are then evaluated by industry participants to receive feedback. Special conferences, expos, and forums draw attention to key issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Students are invited to participate in various special events, such as pitch contests, involving the Farrell Center, providing valuable knowledge and first-hand exposure to real-world issues and challenges while simultaneously building visibility at Penn State.

Student Organizations

The Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship supports and sponsors student interest groups (clubs) focused on corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society. The Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society is a student group specifically interested in new ventures and innovation in business, and works closely with companies and business professionals to promote entrepreneurship education and experiential learning. For more information about student involvement in clubs and interest groups, please contact Brad Leve, Associate Director of the Farrell Center ).

Education Programs

The Farrell Center offers a variety of education and training programs targeting a broad range of topics and issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship. These successful programs were created by identifying major issues and trends in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, and developing in-depth courses, seminars, and certificate programs to address these topics.  Some of these programs include: entrepreneurial business planning, business modeling, business case development, and managing and protecting intellectual property. The Farrell Center is home to the new Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship major for undergraduate students. For more information about this major please click here to view the CIENT Major Brochure.