Partnership Opportunities

This page contains information about corporate opportunities for students available through the Farrell Center

The mission of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to provide an engaging portfolio of recruitment and educational opportunities, consulting programs, events, and other collaborative solutions to help companies and institutions improve their effectiveness. By partnering with the Center, companies may…

  • Reap the benefits of a multi-faceted partnership with the Farrell Center’s faculty and students
  • Recruit interns and graduates to obtain an impressive array of knowledge and skills
  • Pursue practical solutions for business that can shape the future
  • Explore the use of student consulting teams for your innovation and entrepreneurship projects
  • Raise visibility and brand awareness by sponsoring a special event
  • Enhance continuing education needs through Farrell Center seminars and workshops
  • Expand research opportunities with industrial and commercial relevance
  • Visit a classroom and create learning experiences for our students
  • Change a life by mentoring a student passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation

Internships and Experiential Learning

The internship program is a mutually beneficial partnership involving the Smeal College of Business, students, and industry participants. Involvement in the internship program leverages the skills and knowledge of our students to support the business and innovation objectives of participating companies. Smeal’s internship program is highly valued by students because of the quality, real-world experience, and professional skills it provides.  All business students are encouraged to complete an internship before they graduate.

The Farrell Center, in partnership with the Garber Center for Venture Capital, also supports other experiential learning opportunities for students. For example, this may include an immersive, seven-week residential program allowing students to live and learn about entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, California.

Full Time Recruitment

Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, and the Farrell Center, have a proven track record for producing high caliber graduates who are innovators, able to leverage business skills and experiences to become solution providers. Our graduates support many industry sectors as they step out to begin their careers in such areas as product management, brand management, customer service, business analysis, project management, sales, customer research, and others. The Farrell Center is here to facilitate companies’ recruitment efforts.

Mentoring Program

The Farrell Mentoring Program is designed to connect individuals in industry with graduate and undergraduate students seeking a unique mentoring experience. The program involve less than one hour a month of time from the mentor, during the semester, and can significantly influence the life and career of individual students.    

Nexus Program

The Nexus Program provides access to a network of successful innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to provide advisory services to startups, new ventures, alumni, and industry partners. Farrell Center faculty members are dedicated to helping connect engaged partners to our network of experts who can address issues related to innovation, new venture creation, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, supply chain, project management, information technology, customer relationship management, venture capital, etc. The Nexus program may be used to solicit advice and/or develop business partnerships. Farrell Center partners are invited to join our growing list of experts and advisors, or take advantage of the social network by soliciting advice from another member.

Education and Training Programs

The Farrell Center offers a variety of education and training programs targeting a broad range of topics and issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship. These successful programs were created by identifying major issues and developing in-depth seminars and certificate programs to address these issues.  Some of these programs include: entrepreneurial business planning, business modeling, business case development, and managing and protecting intellectual property.

Events and Pitch Competitions

Throughout the year, the Farrell Center offers, or is involved with, multiple event-related opportunities for corporations and others to engage and interact with students, members of the faculty, and other industry leaders. Events such as the Supply Chain Pitch Competition feature student startups and connect with industry participants. Special conferences, expos, and forums draw attention to key issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Industry partners are invited to participate in, or sponsor, various special events involving the Farrell Center, providing valuable knowledge and first-hand exposure to real-world issues and challenges while simultaneously building visibility and brand recognition at Penn State.

Guest Lectures

Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators are invited to join us in the classroom to present on topics of interest, share real-world knowledge and experiences, facilitate discussions, and support the solutions-based learning approach of the Farrell Center and the Smeal College of Business. Our students are eager to learn from those who have relevant business experience.


The Farrell Center is proud of the strength and diversity of its research program. The center can work with your organization to conduct relevant research. The research of our faculty focuses on activities with industrial and commercial relevance, where partnerships lead to benefits for the institution, business and industry, and students.  Through this center, businesses and industry can access extensive research and development resources that are supported by expertise in a broad range of research focus areas. Our clients include companies, organizations and individuals span many industries.

Student Organizations

Company partners are invited to sponsor or participate in student interest groups (clubs) focused on topics of mutual interest. Business professionals may combine with student interest to promote entrepreneurship education and career development among students. For example, the Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society is a student group specifically interested in new ventures and innovation in business.


The Farrell Center and Smeal’s Development offiers work with corporate partners to find creative ways to raise corporate visibility while simultaneously supporting the diverse efforts of the center. Corporate and individual donations are visible throughout the university. Demonstration rooms, classrooms, laboratories, and conference rooms reflect the generosity of Smeal’s partners. Other specific donations may include sponsorship of a faculty chair, venture capital investment fund, course, or curricular track within the entrepreneurship and innovation program, student scholarships, classroom equipment, and intellectual property to support education. Corporate connections support faculty research, provide students with opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills base, enable IST administration to create new curricular opportunities, and so much more.


The Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship continues to seek creative ways to cultivate productive relationships with corporate partners. We look forward to building the future together.

To learn more about these, and other opportunities, please contact:

Shawn Clark, Ph.D.
Michael J. Farrell Endowed Professor for Entrepreneurship
Director Farrell Center for Corporation Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Smeal College of Business
451C Business Building
University Park,PA 16802-6822
Office: 814-865-0195