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Multilevel Theory and Research Conference

Workshop on Multilevel Theory and Research: The Future of Multilevel Scholarship

This workshop at the Pennsylvania State University will build upon the expertise and experience of a diverse set of scholars who are experts on multilevel phenomena in an effort to solve relevant problems within the organizational sciences (which naturally require a multilevel perspective, as organizationally-relevant phenomena are nested within levels across time). These scholars will present novel developments in the field, as well discuss and develop new paths for solving complex organizational problems.

The intellectual merit of the project is associated with its attention to the inherently nested nature of organizational phenomena. Scholars within the organizational sciences are increasingly aware of the complex, multilevel, and dynamic nature of applied problems within and between organizations. By including as the two keynote speakers the specific scholars whose book (Klein & Kozlowski, 2000) serves as the seminal work for modern multilevel research in the organizational sciences, the workshop will have the opportunity to look backwards and forwards in making sense of this issue. Moreover, the mixture of panel discussions, individual presentations, and group conversations will serve as a fertile context for advancing and refining new processes, models, and thoughts on multilevel theory and research.

The workshop’s broader impacts are connected with its goal of developing recommendations and guidance for researchers in organizational sciences. Through the work of the experts participating in the workshop, we aim to produce an edited volume; a special issue at a leading journal; and/or a special research forum at a top journal in an effort to disseminate cutting-edge guidance on the development and application of multilevel research in the field.

 Participants for the Multilevel Theory and Research Conference


University of Association

Herman Aguinis

Indiana University

Federico Aime

Oklahoma State University

Linda Argote

Carnegie Mellon University

Daniel Beal

University of Texas at San Antonio

Paul Bliese

University of South Carolina

Gilad Chen

University of Maryland

Kevin Corley

Arizona State University

Matthew Cronin

George Mason University

David Kenny

University of Connecticut

Katherine Klein

University of Pennsylvania

Andrew Knight

Washington University in St. Louis

Steve Kozlowski

Michigan State University

John Mathieu

University of Connecticut

Federick Morgeson

Michigan State University

Daniel Newman

University of Illinois

Stephen raudenbush

University of Chicago

Brent Scott

Michigan State University

Jeffrey Vancouver

Ohio University

Anita Woolley

Carnegie Mellon University

Zhen Zhang

Arizona State University

Full bios for participants at the conference

Conference Agenda