Vision, Mission and Values

Here is what makes CSCR®, CSCR®. We are committed to our mission, vision, and values, and we invite you to take a look at what they are!

Our Vision

Shaping smarter supply chains, giving people and organizations the thought leadership, skills, knowledge and connections that deliver meaningful impact for life

Our Mission

Our promise is to serve as an unmatched, distinguished center of excellence, bridging higher learning with industry and building the pillars of supply chain research, innovation and world-class knowledge for the mutual benefit of students, alumni, partners and faculty

Our Values


We believe in allowing for self-awareness and strive for self-improvement are crucial catalysts for both career and individual growth

Lifetime Partnership

We aim to not only serve as a center with resources for you in the present but also as a lifetime partner you can collaborate with on forward-looking endeavors 

Thought Leadership

We esteem our center's students, alumni, partners, and faculty for their ability to lead, to inspire, to maneuver and to persevere— to serve as an invaluable resource for the supply chain industry— we are proud to work with you

Lifelong Learning

We find that active and engaged learning leads to lifelong learning, where we never really leave that phase of being a student

Inclusive Diversity

We fully invest the center in being as inclusive as possible; the more diverse opinions there are, the better our research, the better our leadership, the better our center, the better our learning

Evolving Expertise

We know times are ever-changing and the adaptability to change along with them is what our executive, lifelong learning programs and courses are all about

Receptive Listening

We uphold the importance of respecting the needs, the dreams, the goals of our students, alumni, partners and faculty