E-Commerce and Omnichannel: a Look Back & Forward

E-commerce and omnichannel are both emerging sectors in the supply chain and logistics area. Looking at shopping trends in 2015, we can predict the future into 2016.

2015: The Omnichannel Shopper

With the holiday season now over, recent surveys have showed the dominance of the omnichannel shopper. Physical stores and shopping is not dead - major trends emerged from this past holiday season showing how shoppers used multiple outlets, a combination of online and in person shopping, to purchase all of their holiday supplies. Chainstoreage.com and the International Council of Shopping Centers’ Holiday Consumer Purchasing Trends study, have released figures that illustrate how shoppers fared out their shopping experience this season.

  • One-third (32%) of shoppers used the click and collect method
  • 69% of these shoppers purchasing additional items in the store when they went to pick up the item they purchased online
  • 36% made another purchase in an adjacent store
  • 60% used their mobile device while shopping in a store to do such things as compare prices, check availability and view reviews/ratings
  • 56% of shoppers researched products before going to the store
  • 91% of shoppers shopped in physical stores 
  • 40% of shoppers spent more this holiday season than in 2014

Shopping has now changed to include a combination of in-store and online components to it. Shoppers for the most part are no longer blindly walking into a store and making a purchase - everything is pre-planned and sought out on the internet beforehand. Shopping is becoming easier in terms of ability to find the best deals, make the quickest purchase, and be the most efficient as possible.

To read the complete chainstoreage.com article, please visit: http://9nl.me/omnichannelwins

2016: A New Year for E-Commerce

E-commerce is rapidly evolving. With new technologies and new demands, e-commerce is at the forefront of retail re-engineering moving into 2016. A list of the top 10 predictions for the future of e-commerce has been developed by chainstoreage.com and software provider, TrueShip.

  1. Amazon will become the new Wal-Mart
  2. E-commerce will represent 10% of all retail
  3. Facebook will overtake YouTube for branding
  4. Emotionally driven shopping will become the new standard
  5. In-store pickup will save big-box chains
  6. Competitors will create Amazon-Prime like portals
  7. Drones will begin delivering packages
  8. Marketplace-based selling will shift the industry
  9. Mobile shopping will overtake desktop
  10. Hassle-free returns will be expected by consumers

With new technologies and the expanding trend in e-commerce, 2016 looks like it will be the year for exciting transformations in the retail world.

To access detailed information on the 2016 emerging trends in e-commerce, please visit the complete chainstoreage.com article: http://9nl.me/ecommerce2016

A look to the past and looking forward to the future, retail and shopping patterns are evolving and modernizing as we move further into the advanced digital world.