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"The Perfect Storm?"

Recently, the Supply Chain Management Review published an article called, "The Perfect Storm?"

Authors, Kusumal Ruamsook, Research Associate at CSCR and Christopher Craighead, Director of Research at CSCR came together to discuss how they believe that a supply chain talent perfect storm could be in the offing.

Ruamsook and Craighead have developed a number of key emerging trends that individually create tension and potential disruptions in the supply chain talent pool  Both of these can create challenges for a supply chain organization just like a hurricane or winter storm would.

Their conclusions were drawn from a review of the literature, reports from key organizations, and a Supply Chain Leaders Forum (SCLF) sponsored in October 2012 by CSCR. The Leaders Forum brought together more than 70 top supply chain and human resource professionals from a variety of companies and industries to address the challenges stemming from supply chain talent.

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