Supply Chain Leadership Academy Virtual Sprints

CSCR®️ Corporate Sponsors receive four prepaid seats per sprint for this virtual professional development opportunity. Bi-monthly virtual sprints include daily independent online lessons in each of the first four days, ending with a live capstone event on the final day.

Virtual sprints are a convenient self-development staple of CSCR®️, serving as catalysts of active participation in lifelong learning opportunities. The bi-monthly Supply Chain Leadership Academy offerings endorse these “virtual sprints” in partnership with CorpU, aiming to spread self-development tools including:

  • Structured dialogue
  • Private reflection
  • Deliberate practice and application of learned concepts
  • Evolving desire to grow and increase knowledge

Learn more about the Supply Chain Academy Program, including information about sprint structure, sample daily agendas, and the benefits of this virtual resource. 

Improved & Increased Benefits 

CSCR Corporate Sponsor self-development benefits have been expanded! Since July 2021, CSCR has increased the number of Supply Chain Leadership Academy virtual sprint offerings from one per month to TWO (2) per month, and CSCR Corporate Sponsor companies will now receive FOUR (4) pre-paid slots per virtual sprint offering. Additional slots can be purchased for $199 each.

  • Sprints are a one-week virtual learning experience
  • Assigned on-demand education activities (30 minutes) Monday through Thursday
  • Concludes with a virtual live discussion with faculty experts (60 minutes) on Friday

Program Content

Sponsors will receive monthly email invitations containing information about upcoming sprints and how to register. View the July through December virtual sprint schedule and take advantage of these opportunities! 

Sponsors can also take advantage of Penn State Executive Programs open enrollment courses at a discounted rate. For additional information, please contact