Corporate Sponsor Program

Center for Supply Chain Research®️ Corporate Sponsor Program benefits and contact information for additional questions.

As organizations recognize the power of higher education and industry collaboration, they are joining forces to address an evolving list of external and internal forces impacting an organization's supply chain — global events, workforce demographics, disruptive technology, social responsibility, interdisciplinary approaches to innovation, talent and leadership pipeline gap, and doing more with fewer resources.

For over three decades, CSCR has successfully built a community of researchers and leading organizations in both the private and public sectors to advance the supply chain discipline with impactful research, innovation, and world-class knowledge.

CSCR welcomes all supply chain organizations to consider joining its Corporate Sponsorship Program to curate and sustain world-class research, executive education, symposia, and talent development. 

Why Should You Become a Member?  

Advisory Meetings

Meet consistently with the leadership team to review and debrief on the CSCR agenda and/or participate on our Advisory Board.

CSCR Research

Direct and help facilitate the CSCR research agenda while gaining priority access to current faculty, practitioner collaboration, early working publications and student research of your choice.

Student Research Engagement

Collaborate with talented undergraduates and graduates eager to fulfill your company’s research requests.


Take advantage of these self-development opportunities: 


Engage with over 1,000 students from supply chain, management information systems, industrial engineering backgrounds and more at the fall and spring career fair that offers CSCR Corporate Sponsors complimentary registration and prime booth placement.

Management Support

Meet face-to-face with our faculty affiliates to brainstorm solutions and share ideas on handling company-specific supply chain issues and topics.


Never fail to stay in the loop on all CSCR events, updates and opportunities, as each sponsor is given access to a “members only” online knowledge repository rife with exclusive programs, information and research.

Concierge Service

Each member company will be assigned a key point of contact who will schedule quarterly calls to address your questions or concerns as well as updates on new CSCR developments.

Leverage the Power of Partnership

The CSCR Corporate Sponsorship Program is an integral vehicle for business leaders to stay current in this rapidly changing supply chain management landscape. Explore a full listing of the CSCR Corporate Sponsors and partner benefits below.

Contact Information

Steve Tracey
Executive Director
Center for Supply Chain Research 
Smeal College of Business
The Pennsylvania State University
488 Business Building
University Park, PA 16802-3603
Telephone: 814-867-5860

Tracie Shannon
Administrative Director
Center for Supply Chain Research
Smeal College of Business
The Pennsylvania State University
488 Business Building
University Park, PA 16802-3603
Telephone: 814-863-3234