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Sales and Operations Planning Consortium

Today sales and operations planning (S&OP) process facilitates internal and inter-company collaboration to not only balance supply and demand within an organization, but has evolved into a more holistic process that links strategic planning and operational planning with financial planning. The Center for Supply Chain Research’s S&OP Benchmarking Consortium provides a networking and knowledge-sharing environment for industry and academics to explore best practices in demand and supply planning, forecasting, collaboration, processes, technology, and talent development.

Upcoming Meeting:

Date: November 3-4, 2014
Host: CSCR
Location: University Park, PA

Members chose Top-down/Bottom-up forecasting as the fall meeting focus.  Top-down forecasting begins with an aggregate of all products.  Then, using statistics, sales of individual items at a location is then forecasted.  Bottom-up forecasting is the exact opposite.  The forecast is based on sales data for each item in each sales area.  Statistical methods are used to sum up the items’ forecasts and create a forecast at the higher group level.  Dr. Thomas will take the group through the following:

  • Introduction to top-down, bottom-up forecasting
  • Approaches used for each method
  • When and how to use the bottom-up and top-down techniques

Agenda details will be posted as they becomes available. Access registration and meeting information.

Member Area

Current Members:

Church & Dwight
CSL Behring
Johnson & Johnson
National Gypsum

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