Matthew S. Mallard, Volvo Group

Profile of CSCR Advisory Board Member, Matthew S. Mallard, Supply Chain and Logistics Executive, Volvo Group.

Portrait of Matthew MallardMatthew S. Mallard
Director of Projects
Volvo Group Service Market Logistics North America

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I have seen in my 20+ year career in supply chain and logistics a rapid change in the way business is conducted.  Advances in technology, globalization, and changing demographics around the world have all contributed to this rapid change.  Even established industries, which previously moved slowly over years and decades, are now seeing disruption and change at a rapid pace.  Many industries and companies are struggling to deal with this new reality, while others are striving.  I believe that supply chain and logistics is a key enabler to allow industries and companies to be successful.  More importantly, supply chain and logistics contributes to the betterment of society.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Textile and Apparel Management from North Carolina State University.  I spent the first years of my career in manufacturing and supply chain management in the textile industry, until massive and rapid change disrupted that industry in the United States during the late 90’s / early 2000’s.  Since 2003, I have worked in supply chain and logistics for the Volvo Group, one of the largest transport service providers in the world.  During that time, I have held numerous management and project management roles in supply chain and logistics.  Today, I am Director of Projects, Volvo Group Service Market Logistics North America.  In that role, I lead a team of managers and project managers dedicated to leading change and improvement in our spare parts aftermarket business in North America.  I also sit on the Executive Management Team for that organization, which is comprised of more than 3,000 employees across Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

In addition to my passion for supply chain and logistics, I am and will always be passionate about one thing:  change.  I saw what happened early in my career when a well-established industry was not able to see and respond to rapid change, and I have also been fortunate to see success when companies are able to do so.  History shows that companies, industries, and even empires can flourish or die based on their response to change.  I work every day to lead change in my company, so that we succeed and support the success of our customers.