Advisory Board

The current CSCR Advisory Board member profiles.

The CSCR®️ Advisory Board enables the Center to remain at the forefront of the supply chain discipline by aligning Penn State Smeal supply chain research, programs, and offerings with current and future industry challenges and trends.

Our board members commit to a two-year appointment, act in a brand and sponsor development role for the University, Smeal College of Business, and CSCR®️, remaining active in Center-sponsored programs and events. They provide input and guidance for the CSCR®️ strategic plan and forward-thinking initiatives, as well as approve our faculty research affiliates and fellowships.

The CSCR®️ Advisory Board charter can be accessed here.

Meet the CSCR® 2020-2021 Advisory Board

Jack Wilson
Director, UPS Global Customer Solutions
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2016)

As Enterprise Solutions Director in the UPS Global Customer Solutions Group, Jack Wilson oversees the development of supply chain based services and integrated solutions for large enterprise accounts across multiple sectors. In this role, Wilson is responsible for managing a team of resources to support customers and develop creative solutions that can effectively meet the ever-changing supply chain requirements of the customer.

Access Jack Wilson's complete bio here.

Portrait of John Burke.John Burke
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2006)

John Burke is a thirty year veteran in the food industry and has spent his career creating and executing innovative supply chain solutions for national restaurant brands. Burke joined Armada in 1992, co-founded Hub One Logistics in 1996, and founded LXP in 2006. Both companies consolidated under Armada in 2011.

Access John Burke's complete bio here.

Kristyn HarkinsKristyn Harkins
Senior Director, Medical Devices Logistics, Supply Chain Deliver
Johnson & Johnson
(CSCR®️ Corporate Sponsor since 1997)

Kristyn Harkins is a supply chain professional with 18 years of experience. In her career at Johnson & Johnson (J&J), Harkins has worked across the supply chain pillars of plan, source, make and deliver in multiple business sectors, including consumer products and medical devices. She has held leadership roles in customer logistics, transportation, analytics, planning, sourcing, external manufacturing and strategy deployment.

Access Kristyn Harkins' complete bio here.

Portrait of Tony Horton.Tony Horton
Vice President, Operations and Supply Chain Execution
IBM Corporation
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 1991)

As Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain Execution for IBM, Tony Horton is responsible for the global manufacturing, brand and market operations, as well as overall supply chain operations for IBM Server, Storage and Software offerings. He is currently driving digital and AI transformation of IBM's supply chain, leveraging disruptive technologies to build a unique, transparent, intelligent and predictive operating model. He is committed to advancing global skills development, inclusive leadership and a champion of neurodiversity in the workplace.

Access Tony Horton's complete bio here.

Portrait of Paula Natoli.Paula Natoli
Director, Americas - Global Supply Chain, Logistics & Transportation
Google Cloud 

In her role within Google Cloud, Paula is responsible for setting the go-to-market approach for supply chain, logistics and transportation in North America and Latin America. Working with Industry Products, Engineering, and Industry Sales, she helps to drive end-to-end supply chain solutions for customers. 

Access Paula Natoli's complete bio here.

Portrait of Jim Owens.Jim Owens
Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing

(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2014)

Adept at building high-performance teams and establishing integrity-based relationships within highly competitive markets, Jim Owens brings a unique blend of strategic and creative thought to every engagement to create an environment of proactive collaboration and common value for clients and partners alike.

Access Jim Owens's complete bio here.

Portrait of Matt Schlosser.Matt Schlosser
Senior Director, Supply Chain Strategy
The Hershey Company

(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 1993)

Matt Schlosser is the senior director of Supply Chain Strategy for The Hershey Company. In this role, Schlosser develops and leads large scale supply chain initiatives that support the Company’s future financial and commercial needs.

Access Matt Schlosser's complete bio here.

Portrait of Ashlie Wallace.Ashlie Wallace
Vice President, Global Server Procurement
Dell Technologies
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2004)

Access Ashlie Wallace's complete bio here.

Portrait of Robert Zelis.Robert Zelis
Vice President, Operations - Animal Health
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2014)

Robert Zelis is the vice president of Operations at MWI Animal Health. Before joining MWI, Zelis was the Vice President of Supply for Sam's He has held roles in supply chain, manufacturing and operations within large complex Fortune 500 corporations and smaller privately held companies, including Office Depot, NEWEGG Inc., an internet retail/e-commerce company of consumer electronics, Mrs. Fields Famous Brands, LLC, and ModusLink Global Solutions Inc., a global supply chain services company.

Access Robert Zelis's complete bio here.

Former Board Members

We want to thank the following past CSCR Advisory Board members for their time, service, and commitment to our mission.

Portrait of Irv Grossman.2015 - 2019 CSCR® Advisory Board
Irv Grossman

Executive Vice President, Americas
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2010)

Portrait of Donna G. Palumbo.2017 - 2019 CSCR® Advisory Board
Donna G. Palumbo-Miele, EdD

Senior Director, Global Procurement
Bloomberg L.P.
(Ex Officio Board Member)

Portrait of Matthew Mallard.2018 - 2019 CSCR® Advisory Board
Matthew S. Mallard

Director of Projects
Volvo Group Service Market Logistics North America
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2016)

Portrait of Susan M. Gentry.2018 - 2019 CSCR® Advisory Board
Susan M. Gentry, CPIM, CSCP
Associate Director, Integrated Business Planning - Supply Lead
Dow AgroSciences
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2010)

Portrait of Mike Metheny.2018 - 2019 CSCR® Advisory Board
Mike Metheny
Executive Vice President, Supply Chain
Corporate Services and Asset Protection Burlington
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2012)

Portrait of David Kaduke.2015 - 2017 CSCR® Advisory Board
David Kaduke

Vice President, Supply Chain Planning
L Brands, MAST Global
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 1998)

Portrait of Jason Reiman.2015 - 2016 CSCR® Advisory Board
Jason Reiman

Vice President, Global Logistics
The Hershey Company
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 1993)

Portrait of Larry P. Smith.2015 - 2016 CSCR® Advisory Board
Larry P. Smith

Vice President, Global Supply Chain
Becton Dickinson and Company (BD)
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 1997)

Portrait of Sean S. Trainor.2015 - 2017 CSCR® Advisory Board
Sean S. Trainor

Senior Vice President, Global Operations Engineering & Technology
Dell, Inc.
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2004)

Portrait of Taylor H. Wilkerson.2015 - 2017 CSCR® Advisory Board
Taylor H. Wilkerson
Program Manager
(CSCR® Corporate Sponsor since 2001)