Bridging the Gap Between Research, Education, and the Sports Industry

According to Plunkett Research, the estimated size of the entire sports industry is approximately $500 billion, making it one of the top ten largest industries in the US.  In addition, the sports industry is becoming increasingly global with respect to conventional and new media distribution fronts. Yet, this burgeoning industry has not been well represented on many academic fronts, including research in the top academic journals. This is particularly true in the area of research benefiting academicians in business schools and sports industry business professionals. There has been a particular lack of quality and relevant research concerning the sports industry, and a wide gap exists between the business research on sports performed by major universities and the needs of the industry.  As the sports industry grows, the teams, facilities, and other assets significantly increase in value and the domestic and international issues facing the industry become more complex, and closing this gap becomes all the more timely and important.

Bridging this gap is one of the major cornerstones of The Center for Sports Business & Research (CSBR) at the Penn State University Smeal College of Business.

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