Strategic Partnerships

On Campus Strategic Partnerships

The Center for Sports Business & Research has strategic partnerships with the College of Communications John Curley Center for Sports Journalism which offers a certificate program for students interested in sports media and team / league communications, and the Penn State Law's Institute for Sports Law, Policy, and Research. These relationships provide additional programming, guest speakers, and projects for business students. There is also a university-wide Sports Interested Faculty working group hosting roundtable discussions and other programs.

Industry Strategic Partnerships

Over 1,100 Penn State alumni currently work in the sports industry for a wide variety of the nation’s largest and highly respected sports enterprises. This network of industry professionals are being magnetized by the Center for Sports Business & Research including through SmealConnect, an In-Circle Community.

One goal of the Center for Sports Business & Research is to create networking opportunities for industry professionals, regardless of where they received their education.

The largest concentration of professional sports league offices, professional teams, and sports media organizations are in the geographical region surrounding Penn State’s University Park campus in the North East. In addition to creating linkages with sports organizations nationally and internationally, the Center for Sports Business & Research is establishing relationships with these nearby sports enterprises for purposes of research, academic and other forms of programming and career development, and placement support for students looking to pursue a career in the world of sports.