Career Development

The Center for Sports Business & Research supports academic programs as part of its multi-faceted mission.  Initially focused on undergraduate business students, the academic initiative educates students about the unique aspects of the sports industry, including for those who plan to combine their business degree and functional major with a concentration related to sports and enter the industry after graduation.

Current courses available include Sports Business, Sports Marketing, and Sports Marketing Models & Analytics. The vast resources of Penn State are also available to students through classes in arena management, sports communications, sports ethics, sports history, sports law and public policy and sports philosophy. Smeal students are able to choose a Focus in Sports Marketing; a minor in Sports Studies is under consideration.

Note, during the Spring 2015 Semester, students enrolled in Sports Marketing were able to take part in a team project with Fox Sports Network in competition with three other Universities – Nebraska, Missouri and SMU. The winning team will receive a trip to LA to meet with Fox Sports executives.

Career Opportunities and Networking Possibilities are made available to students and alumni through SmealConnect.

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