2019 Media Coverage

2019 Media Coverage

Foreign Students Sour on America, Jeopardizing a $39 Billion Industry



Dr. Ghadar highlights the role foreign students play in science and engineering programs at American universities: “If you oppose immigration, you can say, ‘Well, we’ll enroll some more Americans to offset the decline,’” said Ghadar. “But we’re already letting in all the native-born Americans who are qualified.”

Smeal’s Ghadar gives University’s largest #GivingTuesday gift



The article highlights Dr. Ghadar's interest in helping Smeal students study abroad: 

“Given that we are in central Pennsylvania and given that a large percentage of our students are from in-state or surrounding states, I feel strongly that they should experience what is going on outside of this region,” Ghadar said. “That is my passion.”