2018 Media Coverage

2018 Media Coverage

The Immigration Debate

May/June 2018

The Penn Stater Magazine

A dozen Penn State faculty experts weigh in on the complex topic of immigration, that, for better or worse, has defined America since its founding. Ghadar suggests that the United States look to Canada's "Express Entry" program as a way to improve the United States current immigration policies. 

Why European business my try to skirt U.S. Sanctions on Iran


NPR Marketplace

Dr. Ghadar was featured in a piece on Iran sanctions and he notes that U.S. sanctions on Iran will force European governments to protect with European companies doing business in Iran - creating the potential for a conflict between the United States and its European allies. 

Here's how to transition truckers to the age of self-driving vehicles



Dr. Ghadar authored a piece that highlights the current decision to invest in education program for truck drivers. Over the next three decades, the trucking industry will look very different as self-driving trucks become adopted. Due to the size of the U.S. truck driver workforce (employs the most people in the U.S.), Ghadar suggests creating and investing in a "national push to give these drivers the skills to work with the technology replacing them."