2017 Media Coverage

To Stay in Shape, Just Add Squash


Wall Street Journal

Ghadar is featured in an installment of the Journal's 'What's Your Workout?' Ghadar and his sister, Margaret Ghadar, play squash three times a week to help keep in shape, and to catch up on each other's life.

What is the future for US-China trade?



Ghadar is featured in this article explaining the current dynamics of the United States' role in the global economy after the election of President Trump: "Tepid global growth since 2008 has fuelled the growing protectionism, with Brexit, Trump’s election and a struggling Chinese economy helping to unravel the global economic interconnectedness. Since the Great Recession, a reduction in tariff rates and the spread of new free trade agreements has slowed as well."

Making the Business Case for Immigration Reform


New American Economy

Ghadar was interviewed, and a profile was written for a non-profit organization that advocates for immigration reform.  The story features profiles of outstanding immigrants and tells the story about how they contribute to their communities.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability


CYRUS Institute of Knowledge

The piece discussed current trends in world energy usage and advocated that public energy policy focus on improving the energy efficiency of electricity-consuming devices.