2012 Media Coverage

Media coverage of Dr. Fariborz Ghadar and the Center for Global Business Studies for 2012.
2012 Media Coverage for Fariborz Ghadar
12/11/12 CNN Opinion FG analyzes various immigration trends and attempts to dispel inaccurate articulated statements about this politically charged issue.
9/5/12 NPR's Marketplace "Immediately, you think of documents going back and forth. But FedEx delivers components. If the equipment is not being used in Europe, then the components are not necessary. Everything slows down."
5/21/12 Marketplace "Fariborz Ghadar was interviewed regarding regarding China's role in the U.S. economy. ""If the industry is sensitive—whether it's ports, or whether it's defense-related, or it's telecom-related, etc.—you begin to see some kind of concern, either from a national security point of view, or 'Oh my god, the foreigners are coming, buying this, that, and the other.'"" Ghadar said."
6/15/12 Women's Wear Daily Fariborz Ghadar comments for article "Spain's Fashion Industry Bucks Up"- said Spain is likely to need at least another 100 billion euros to shore up its banks, but that the economy is “not in bad shape.”
6/22/12 Central Penn Business Journal The U.S. system does indeed have features that insulate banks considerably from the troubles of parent institutions overseas, said Fariborz Ghadar.
7/1/12 Harvard Business Review Why Life Science Needs its Own Silicon Valley. Human genomics won't reach its full potential unit it has a sizable industry cluster. But how to create one? And where?