Market Concentration

Information about the Center's past project about market concentration.

Market Concentration is a past project of the Center.

The Center conducted a study on market concentration in several industries (1950-present) and has published its findings as the lead article in The Harvard Business Review (July-August 2000) entitled, "The Dubious Logic of Megamergers."

Over the past ten to fifteen years, industries have been consolidating and fewer companies are dominating various markets. The results of this consolidation have been the creation of more oligopolistic behaviors in the industries studied. In addition to consolidation, various industries are also involved in strategic alliances, which have accelerated these trends.

In addition to continuing its market concentration study of several industries on a global basis, the Center started to focus on regional markets to discover if there is regional concentration of industries. The Center focused on four regions - North America, Europe, Asia, and South America - and compiled data on four industries: oil production, oil refining, aluminum, and automobiles (1980-present).