Immigration Book

Information about the Center's current immigration book project.

Six years after the publication of Becoming American: Why Immigration Is Good for Our Nation's Future, Dr. Fariborz Ghadar and the Center are writing a new book about the contributions of immigrants to business and society. The book informs readers of the main drivers of immigration to the US, the evolution of immigration policy and the state of the visa system today, and our nation's past and present attitudes toward immigrants. Featuring business and regional case studies along with many stories of successful immigrants, the book dives deep into the crucial contributions of the foreign-born population: immigrants work all throughout America’s food supply chain, save American lives and defend American liberties, educate America’s youth from daycares to universities, hire Americans and run businesses, provide essential labor to the industrials sector, and make contributions to arts and entertainment, to name a few. The Center’s research culminates in a forward-looking discussion about where immigration is heading. The book will be essential reading for American business leaders, policymakers and government officials, international business students, and global citizens eager to learn about the significant ways that immigrants shape our national identity.