Global Tectonics: "What Every Business Needs to Know"

Global Tectonics presents the revolutions that will shape the future of every facet of society and business. Aging trends, natural resource issues, dramatic advances in technology, terrorism, and immigration will have so dramatic an impact that no one involved in strategy should miss this compelling analysis.

Global Tectonics: "What Every Business Needs to Know" summarizes the issues that every CEO should know to set and implement global strategies. Worldwide, CEOs and senior managers need to prepare their industries for global tectonics—the process by which developing trends in technology, nature, and society slowly revolutionize the business environment of the future. Business executives easily and often overlook such gradual developments—that is until a major quake shakes their corporate foundations.

Global Tectonics identifies twelve global trends that will present the most formidable challenges to world business leaders in the next thirty years. Developments in areas such as demography, infectious disease, resource degradation, economic integration, nano and information technologies, international conflict, and governance will determine corporate strategy.

Whether these tectonic shifts put industries through minor tremors or major earthquakes will depend on how businesses have prepared for imminent change. Authored by Fariborz Ghadar of Penn State's Center for Global Business Studies and Erik Peterson of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the book is a companion piece to the Center's groundbreaking CD set, Global Tectonics.

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