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Information about the Penn State Smeal College of Business online Graduate Certificate in Business Architecture

The 9-credit online Graduate Certificate in Business Architecture from the Penn State Smeal College of Business, delivered in partnership with Penn State World Campus, can help managers and leaders align an organization’s strategic objectives with tactical enterprise-level projects and technology initiatives.

Business Architecture is a rapidly growing field today. The primary purpose of describing the business architecture of an enterprise is to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the business itself. This includes innovations in the structure of an organization, the centralization or federation of business processes, the quality and timeliness of business information, and ensuring that money spent at the project level is in support of the strategic objectives of the larger enterprise. 

A business architecture approach that delivers business value to the enterprise produces:

  • An articulation of the strategic requirements of the enterprise
  • Models of the future state that illustrate what the enterprise should look like across multiple business viewpoints in support of the business strategy
  • A road map of the change initiatives required to reach that future state
  • The requirements, principles, standards, and guidelines that will steer the implementation of change initiatives

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The graduate certificate provides a holistic approach to Business Architecture that produces a common understanding of the organization, its sources of innovation/distinctiveness, and an approach for effective organizational transformation and strategy execution. Course content focuses on:

  1. Understanding and applying the concepts of modeling approaches to an enterprise
  2. Understanding and fostering sources of organizational innovation
  3. Understanding effective enterprise transformation and business strategy execution
Course List: Graduate Certificate in Business Architecture
Title Abbreviation Description Credits
Strategic Business Architecture BA 809 Provides concentrated and comprehensive approach to the practice of business architecture by focusing on business motivations, business operations and business analysis frameworks and related networks that link an enterprise together.  3
Emerging Trends, Technology, and Corporate Innovation ENTR 810 Explores emerging trends and disruptors in technology and industry that create new markets and influence decision-making, product development, business models, and business practices associated with innovation.  3
Enterprise Modeling EA 873

Exposes foundational concepts and practices of effective enterprise modeling with an emphasis on understanding different modeling approaches, standards, and styles in order to support, influence, and enable organizational planning and decision-making.

Prerequisite: BA 809


Consider Stepping Up to a Master's Degree
You may apply your Business Architecture graduate certificate toward graduation requirements for the following Penn State master's programs: Penn State Online MBA, Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation, and Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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